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A fountain without lights is like a day without sunshine !!!
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Lights are available in different shapes and sizes, as well as different voltages and wattages. OASE has a complete line of Low-Voltage Lights as well as line voltage ( 120Volts AC ) underwater lights.
The line voltage lights will usually be of higher power ( more watts ) than the low-voltage lights. Line voltage lights are available in 120W, 200W, 300W
and 500W underwater fixtures.

  Underwater Lights and Light Parts

Low-Voltage lights require a transformer which converts the 120V line current into the low-voltage 12V current. The transformers need to be sized to the proper Amp (watt) draw that will be placed upon them. The light fixtures are 12V 20W and include a five colored lens kit. You can purchace the lights and transformers individually or you can purchase kits, which have the lights and transformers allready matched up ( for amp draw ).

Lunaqua 5
4600 Underwater Light

Automatic Color Blender

Indoor 12 Volt Transformers
Outdoor 12 Volt

Floating Lights
Lunaqua 1
Lunaqua 2
Lunaqua 3
Lunaqua Set1
Lunaqua Set 2

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